Monday, March 29, 2010

lucky moments

It can be daunting to start with a blank white page on a screen but then you end up with a moment in life captured. a moment from your heart lives again.
I took lucky digital kit from Wacom {Holly McCaig?} and swirl card & brushes from house of 3, ma sexy font. So sweet but not a perfect picture...and yet love the over all effect.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

gather experiences

What Will Live On

I read a snippet from Real Simple magazine today that resonated with me. It’s the last item in an article called, “10 Ways to Shop Smarter This Year”. And while I found the actual shopping tips to be okay, #10 was different:

#10 Stock up on experiences. Recently my wife and I returned from a biking trip abroad. We had bought some stuff, mainly clothes, that you don’t find here. It’s nice to tell ourselves those items will remind us of the trip, but they’re bound to go the way of all things cotton or wool. What will live on are the moments, captured in memory or snapshots or both. And that’s what I call money well spent.

I love that this isn’t about saving but, as the author says, “being more mindful with your money”. You can spend your money and your time in ways that deeply satisfy, or don’t, and the choice is yours. :)

It’s one of my goals this year to do this very thing - stock up on experiences. And I don’t think you need a biking trip abroad to make a memory - just looking for simple ways to make more experiences, and an increased focus on relishing and enjoying the experiences that do come, “captured in memory or snapshots or both”. Money, and time, well spent.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

moments of our life

so many times it is just a moment that can change our lives is official our son is moving to Washington state what an exciting time of his places to see, fresh starts, things to!!! this is his last weekend here till he comes to pick up his stuff. and for the first time Dave and I will have the house to ourselves...

on another subject...i went to the nurse practitioner today she specializes in diabetes. Kim has been great to help me get my blood sugar under control. but the pain and exhaustion since the fire has not gone away so they are diagnosing me with fibromyalgia....although i should be happy to have something I don't want it --I just wanted one last little fix/adjustment to diabetic problems and it would just go away. so 2 life long illnesses that are silent and hard on the body...sometimes no matter how hard i try to do everything right diabetes flares or pain and exhaustion just makes me quiet. life's moments....but i survived the fire and many other things in my life that lead me to here and who i am to working full time is out of the ? i will do a lot of designing and creating and selling and teaching on line and in person at special places. i must journey on...

Monday, March 8, 2010


still can not believe i took this picture...just a perfect shot in a quick moment.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life" - Brian Andreas. The moments we remember are just that - moments. But the moments that make up are lives are also the easiest to forget-jessica sprague

Thursday, March 4, 2010

picture-moment in time

moments of our life

one more sample

life stories...

i took an idea from janet hopkins, heidi swapp and jesssica spraque and rolled it all together into this wonderful book that i can tell a story of my life in...capturing some of the moments this will be a $32.00 class

great places to put your pictures

6.5x12 ring album fun with pockets and holds lots of pictures!!! die cut paper ...quick & easy.
this simple 2 book class teaches how to make fun easy books that you could use for any types of pictures (out of the camera and on display). and you can add decorations from your stash AND then make more for very little cost from your stash--great gift idea all year long...this is my more for your $ class/kit! $20.00

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


life is our we live and what we do...the path of our journey got us where we are right now and now is where we should be to take the next step in our many paths in our journey...sometimes we get to be on a path with someone we can share our journey with however short or long the time together may be...the joys and sadness on our journey help us become who we are and will lets journey awhile together and inspire to create a record of the
moments of our life's

come on now you can not be more behind than i am...well my wedding album from 30 years ago is done...i have random pages done and i love the mini albums or wall art i have done...oh yea i do have a record (album) from 2004 or maybe 2005 done. there has to be some 15,000 pictures i could use in layouts and books....SO MANY wonderful (well mostly wonderful) moments in my journey ....moments (the best of pics) i want to put in books, layouts or wall art for our family and friends to enjoy and remember and to even cement lesson learned on the journey....AND to create inspiration with quotes and pictures...come with me on a journey to get the pictures off the camera and computer and lets be inspired by the moments of our LIFE.
ps: i just want to say thank you to Heavenly Father for the guidance and blessings he has given in my journey