Friday, August 20, 2010


life is the journey
and we will learn, smile, cry, survive and always....
...journey on!

without boring you with the details LIFE IS TIME CONSUMING how do we fit it all in... sometimes it means getting up at 5 am before kids get here...sometimes staying up till midnight and it is ALWAYS a balancing act. and always reassessing to make sure the most important things are done many times what we truly desire is pushed aside for what others desire. when i was thinking about this i thought about that old analogy the jar (jar represents you)--where you fill it with rocks, sand and water...and it is all about the way you fill the jar how things work out will it be like the people you admire that seem to do it all(and you may be getting more done than you realize or...)some will start filling with the sand or the small things in life (that pull you every which way and don't even realize it) then you try to add the deadlines big stuff or the Big Rocks and they won't fit only a few little ones do and then you can add a little water (small joys) to fill the rest of the space....and you have a lot of important things left out of your life sitting on the table things you really wanted to do. and then there are those that first fill the jar with the big important things you really want and you add these to the jar first then you take the little rocks from the other jar and add those and the structure for doing is there in the jar and some would say it is full but then you pour the sand in and it fills all the spaces around the large and small rocks and the everyday little things fit aaahhh now it is full you think....then you are able to add a little refreshing water to fill the space around the rocks & sand and some of the nice small joys are there also.

delegating and prioritizing...making sure others are not pushing things that are important to you away and making sure little unimportant things are not sucking all your time away.

And sometimes it means you have to say NO to something!!!

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  1. Hmmm....didn't we have this conversation??? I am hoping that you are finding that saying: "NO" is becoming easier. :) ((HUGS))