Friday, November 19, 2010

tradition challenge at DID

Default SDE holiday traditions challenge

Layout---What makes December special for you and/or your family....what do you do every year or almost every year....OR what did you do as a child that made December special to you....OR what do you wish you did to make holidays special?????
I have a free mini kit....for those that get involved with my challenge ...

Santa's Digi Express is Half Way Done!!
Well we are almost done the digi express! Only 5 days left. How are you doing with your challenges... I hope you are leaving a challenge to complete on the last day (Black Friday) because I think Santa maybe feeling extra generous this day... Ummm or was I not supposed to say anything about that??

Also, some little birdie said there may be some large deals to be had for a limited time only on that day.. But whose to say what is coming.

I hope you are having fun! And if you have any friends, invite them to join us! Santa's Sack is on Sale for just ONE MORE day!! $4, and they have the chance to win some awesome prizes and join in the fun!

Thanks for joining us!! The best is yet to come!!

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