Thursday, March 18, 2010

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What Will Live On

I read a snippet from Real Simple magazine today that resonated with me. It’s the last item in an article called, “10 Ways to Shop Smarter This Year”. And while I found the actual shopping tips to be okay, #10 was different:

#10 Stock up on experiences. Recently my wife and I returned from a biking trip abroad. We had bought some stuff, mainly clothes, that you don’t find here. It’s nice to tell ourselves those items will remind us of the trip, but they’re bound to go the way of all things cotton or wool. What will live on are the moments, captured in memory or snapshots or both. And that’s what I call money well spent.

I love that this isn’t about saving but, as the author says, “being more mindful with your money”. You can spend your money and your time in ways that deeply satisfy, or don’t, and the choice is yours. :)

It’s one of my goals this year to do this very thing - stock up on experiences. And I don’t think you need a biking trip abroad to make a memory - just looking for simple ways to make more experiences, and an increased focus on relishing and enjoying the experiences that do come, “captured in memory or snapshots or both”. Money, and time, well spent.

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