I have been married for 32 years to David. We have 4 children and 6 grandchildren (shown in the picture with dave and i) whom we love with all our hearts. Spent most of my life moving all over but have resided in Wyoming the longest with a tie for second longest between South Dakota and Texas. (my Favorite place on earth Glacier national park in Montana) For the longest time all I wanted to be was a mom, but I also liked to doodle, paint, and teaching seemed to come naturally. For years I designed and taught classes in my home as a creative outlet.   My motto when teaching paper craft and paint classes was and is: “If I can help one person feel good by creating something in this class I have been successful”.  When you create something it is like giving a little something of yourself to help make someone smile or just feel good whether it is something you made for them or helped them make for someone else. 
Now that I have a little more time, my children are grown, I’ve been able to attend classes in digital design which has opened new doors and enabled me to express myself in a new way.  I am living my dream, being able to design items we can use to create memories and happiness.  Sometimes like turning on a faucet, the ideas start flowing and before I know it I look at what I’ve done and say “did I just make that”.  Sometimes that faucet turns on at midnight, boy am I tired the next day.  But, accomplishments like this bring me a great feeling of peace and I feel blessed.  Currently I am also creating art work on canvas and for making rubber stamps to sell.  Soon I will have the fun of teaching online classes. WOW dreams can come true.

I am a wife, mother, artist, friend and teacher.

I am Jeanie of jeaniesdesigns just trying to live
and remember the moments along my journey.