Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Thoughts to Remember Online class

Links coming soon class begins April 6th....
Early bird price is $15.00 till March 30 after regular price is $24.95
Use supplies you have on hand or buy the class supply kit from me for $24.95 includes everything needed but paint and paint brushes and you will need to print the download file for words and patterns. 
From my Etsy shop you can purchase the prayer vinyl saying for $5.00.

Thoughts to Remember projects to help you remember things you don't want to forget. Are you a crafter wanting to create or an artist wanting a warm up or relaxing project or just an everyday person with a desire to create and remember...Let's make some projects to help us remember things we often forget. Like how amazing you are or how grateful or that it is time to be brave or pray first. Join me (Jeanie) to create an 8x10 canvas panel with wire hanger, a wood block with words on all sides and a bonus project.

 Supply items can be purchased at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby (remember to use coupons) or Walmart or your local hobby shop. 

Supplies: (Pictures and video coming next week)
canvas panel (thin ones not wood panels although you can)I used 8x10. they come in 3 packs and range in prices from 1.97-5.97 if you can not get these another option is to do the project on watercolor paper and frame it. 

wood block I used a 2x4 approximately 5 inches long…Does not have to be exact size- use what you can find. One way to get wood blocks is to buy them or go to lumber stores and ask for end cuts/scraps or if you have anyone you know that is a construction person they may have scraps.  If you can not find any wood blocks then use a 4x6, 5x7 or 4x4 etc thick canvas. 

Paint Brushes…1 inch flat brush or a foam brush. Also a round brush depends on how big you want your flowers so smaller flowers #4 round larger flowers a #8. 

Modpodge or your favorite brand. 

Book Paper— vintage ledger, music or dictionary are my favorite. use what you have.

wire to hang canvas panel by if you have a drill or WER memory keepers crop-a-dile to punch holes. (FYI the canvas panel in the supply kit will come with the holes and wire)

Paint- Craft paint works again use what you already have. black, cream I like linen color, white, burnt umber, green, gold, and 2 of your favorite colors for the main flowers (red, turquoise blue, or pink)

black pen for details Signo micro 207 Walmart or Target. 

Sayings and patterns download for you to print. 

Ribbon to have a bow on wire

Faber Castell art markers to shade with
Leather cuff for bonus project.