Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013


FINALLy it is here....Aug 15

intro/supply video 1 is posted on my other blog

to purchase the online class go here it is only $25.00 with lots of video instruction on a private blog and a private facebook page to share. I will also have art printables for you as a bonus. video instruction includes how to make the books then decorate them and work on pages for the inside.

come join the fun.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

baby-the dog

this is our golden retriever....well she is my husbands.....she loves him so much. and she will protect me when he is not around. yesterday she came to my rescue. one of life's moments that you know little miracles happen all the time right along side the rough, frustrating hard times. it was/is a rough week...fights, lack of sleep for everyone....trying to make decisions about my health....trying to do a fasting blood test (never easy for someone with diabetes). for the first time i did not wake up when my
blood sugar dropped....after turning off the lights when D'Ann took the babies i just collapsed on the couch to sleep to tired to go downstairs at 2am. I do ok most the time then sleep just takes over. i started to wake around 5 something but was so tired i told myself to just i knew baby was there pushing on my arm and laying her head on my stomach....i just moved my arm to touch her and said sleep then my arm was pushed back and her head was on my stomach....she NEVER does that to me....a couple more times and i sat up....out girl? went the few steps to the back door to open it but she lay on the floor and watched and i realized i felt really sick and shaky so i went and took my blood sugar and it was LOW....i started eating and she went to her bed and laid down (first time she did not beg food) as if to say my job is done. no drifting into forever sleep yet must be a message to share still, a baby to rock, a house to clean, a picture to paint, i lesson or two to learn, definitely dishes and laundry to do. put for today i just pet her head and said thanks....and remembered the fights and chores aren't as important as the people we love....and someday there will be plenty of sleep.

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