Sunday, June 30, 2013

moments in life

do you ever just want to rant give the world your take on lessons learned? 
well here are just a few of mine:
what drives a person to drink who has never drank:
   *  getting the last one through senoritis
   * looking at your adult children and wanting them to know you mean you love them unconditionally     when you want to YELL what the hell are you doing, thinking or wrong with you?
   *smiling while your eye is twitching and you really wish you could just head slap someone (yep just like Gibbs on NCIS)
   *2 babies at a time
   * 4 months of sleep deprivation (although i went a year once--never fully recovered)
   * we've been married how long and you still don't get me?

any and all these things could make you say "a margarita...excuse me i said the whole pitcher with a really big straw...yes one straw for me and only me!" and for those of us who don't drink....well....heaven help us and find some way to rant really fast cause disappearing doesn't work i tried it ....they found me.

ps: why isn't Gibbs on speed dial so he can come Gibbs slap those that need it? 

pss: for all my kids going "MOM" --remember all the times you have now said....we should have listened to you.....