Wednesday, March 3, 2010


life is our we live and what we do...the path of our journey got us where we are right now and now is where we should be to take the next step in our many paths in our journey...sometimes we get to be on a path with someone we can share our journey with however short or long the time together may be...the joys and sadness on our journey help us become who we are and will lets journey awhile together and inspire to create a record of the
moments of our life's

come on now you can not be more behind than i am...well my wedding album from 30 years ago is done...i have random pages done and i love the mini albums or wall art i have done...oh yea i do have a record (album) from 2004 or maybe 2005 done. there has to be some 15,000 pictures i could use in layouts and books....SO MANY wonderful (well mostly wonderful) moments in my journey ....moments (the best of pics) i want to put in books, layouts or wall art for our family and friends to enjoy and remember and to even cement lesson learned on the journey....AND to create inspiration with quotes and pictures...come with me on a journey to get the pictures off the camera and computer and lets be inspired by the moments of our LIFE.
ps: i just want to say thank you to Heavenly Father for the guidance and blessings he has given in my journey

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