Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Challenge at SWAM

Come journey with me wall we scrap with inspiration the moments of our life.

For me Life is the inspiration to scrap….it is the little MOMENTS that is life. Thousands of moments make up our life. Some of them are the big moments but most are the little moments that are so important and yet forgotten over the years. The people, and things that bring us joy…that first spring flower, discovering the bird nest in the tree which makes you realize how tall the trees grew this year or the fields of wild flowers, a beautiful mountain waterfall, the 18 month coming to you and saying I pooped, what our favorite meals are….the items we decorate with or the pictures we hang….how about pictures of the things that have been handed down from family….favorite family sayings…..so many moments in life to remember.
So I hope you come and journey with me (as long as they will let me host) some of the moments of our life’s and get them out of the camera or our hearts and share….
Let’s start the challenge with something fun that we do every day Drink….what is your favorite drink?
I drink water and Diet Dr Pepper…and nothing else well sometimes mint tea or hot chocolate…
Do you like smoothies and use a blender, do you like sweet little umbrellas in your drink….
Maybe it is a family tradition{our family has rootbeer floats every 4th of July}
I can not wait to see your pictures and read your story!!!!

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