Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inspiration Unlimited.

So EXCitED….we leave tonight for IU ….by we it is me and my husband he wanted to get away so we have turned it into a little vacation. So Wednesday we will visit Zion and Bryce canyon on are way down…..His parents are meeting him in Vegas to hang wall I take classes…at IU And then after IU grand canyon and scenic trip north to home.  He got me a plug in for my laptop in the car so I can study ad design on the road.
I am in dazzling diva group and got some 80 ATC’s done YEA they are hybrid -- this will be fun. I even remembered  pink ribbon….with crowns from the IU album kit that came--such cute ribbon i made a pin to wear. so much to do before Depart time better go get busy….=0)

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