Monday, February 7, 2011

Join us in our month long Speed Scrap!
You can find every day's speed scrap in the chatroom as well as the Drag Races Forum.
Everybody is a winner ~ See you there!

February Schedule:

1 CWPicket 9pm EST
2 JenCDesigns 2pm EST
3 amyjo76 9pm EST
4 Kerry Scraps 6pm EST
5 Bonnie Blou 9pm EST
6 Melly Scraps 9pm EST
7 Daphadilly Art 2pm EST
8 CW Picket 9pm est
9 JenCDesigns Wed Feb 9th - 2pm EST
10 Jeanie's Designs 12pm EST ***me hosting
11 Gail 9 pm EST
12 Cjoy2Day 12pm EST
13 Bonnie Blou 9pm EST
14 Daphadilly Art 2pm EST
15 CW Picket 9pm est
16 Melly Scraps 9pm EST
17 anitaw 1pm EST
18 Cjoy2Day 9pm EST
19 kmshep01 3:30pm EST
20 Bonnie Blou 9pm EST
21 Daphadilly Art 2pm EST
22 CWPicket 9pm EST
23Jeanie's Designs 12pm EST ***me hosting
24Jeanie's Designs 3pm EST ***me hosting
25 Cjoy2Day 9pm EST
26 Melly Scraps 9pm EST
27 kmshep01 3:30pm EST
28 Daphadilly Art 2pm EST

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