Tuesday, August 2, 2011

kaBoks creative team call

What we are looking for: 
 - digital crafters (scrapbooking, art journals....) 
 - card makers (both traditional, hybrid and digital) 
 - scrapbookers (both traditional, hybrid and digital) 

We are also looking for 1-3 traditional crafters with no or little experience in hybrid/digital craft. These crafters will be documenting their “journey” into a new world using blog posts, tutorials and videos. 

We would also like to get applications to a CT manager position.

The team members will be required to:
     - create a minimum of 4 projects every month uploaded to the kaBoks blog and private blog (Subject to change         depending on number of members)
    - host contests/challenges on the kaBoks blog (No. of 
challenges depends on number of members)
    - create tutorials or videos of projects/techniques (two 
projects during the 6 month period, this could be a tutorial on one of the required projects)
    - create blog posts featuring  techniques /inspiration/ 
    - participate in challenges
    - promote kaBoks and the designers on their blog and elsewhere
    - upload creations to our public gallery

PLEASE SUBMIT to admin@kaboks.com
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Link to your blog
  • List of forums and galleries that you frequent
  • List of current Design/Creative Team positions (Team experience is not required)
  • Tell us why you want to join.

kaBoks is a new online store with digital/hybrid  products. The Grand Opening is on the 30th of September, and by that time we will be needing quite a few crafters on our creative team. 
the kaBoks philosophy:
The whole idea behind kaBoks is that anything is allowed. We want to break down the lines between the different types of scrapbooking. kaBoks will be a store that will create a bridge between traditional and digital scrapbooking. We also want to offer a wide range of products that will target different religions, ethnicities and languages. We ´ll also be adding a special department in our store called "kiddy scrap". I think it will be fun for all of us to be able to play with some less "serious" products aimed at crafting for kids!


  1. I cant see the picture or link... is it just me :(

  2. thanks Steph i think i forgot to add her email....

  3. HEllO! I just wanted to stop by and tell ya how much I enjoy you work! It is wonderful! :)