Wednesday, October 12, 2011

angels among us

angels among us.....
be brave dream
 2 and 1/2 years ago i went through an epic event in my life that changed me forever....i went from being brave, talkative and fearless to being shy, quiet ( some days i did not speak a full sentence) and afraid. The song in my heart was so quiet i could not remember it or figure out how to heal. a lot of patience from others, from myself for me, online art therapy (because i rarely went anywhere), and i continued prompt in my head of just one foot in front of the other help me begin to listen to my song (dreams, hopes) but it was friends that told me some of the songs of my heart and encouraged me that i could dream  and they just listened when i did talk or just cried for no reason at times....I would touch my face and realize it was wet with tears and i did not even that is the inspiration for this piece and i think many more to come....they will each be one of a kind with an angel and encouraging remind others of the angels among us.....

fyi: this trio is for sale for $40.00 when it posts to my etsy store it will be $45.00 thank you for coming by and have a great day

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  1. Beautiful Jeanie. I took one of Christi's classes earlier this year. She's super. You've done a great job on this. I'm following in both spots here and hope you'll do the same on my blog:

    Coleen, an American in Ukraine