Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my journey

 I am from Cheyenne Wyoming USA, the windiest place on earth.... i was/am a stay at home mom working odd jobs along the way when we needed extra $ for our children--I have 4 children (3 girls and 1 boy) that are grown, 6 grandkids i have 2-3 nights and 3-4 days out of the week. my creative journey started long ago-- i taught myself to do decorative painting 25 years ago and then designed, cut projects and taught others to paint in my basement....i have created things ever since and before.....i owned a scrapbook store in Montana but lost it to a fire 3 years ago and that changed my journey and got me to search my heart which lead me to online classes to become a designer which lead me to art online classes that opened my artist heart i have to get comfortable saying i am a designer and artist cause the mean voice in my head tries to say i am not. an interesting story when Jeanne Griffin Oliver asked us (in creatively made class) to find a friend to talk to about our gifts i did not have anyone but when my dad died and i had to go to Texas last week i went to see a high school friend that i re connected with on facebook....I was surprised by what she said "that she was not surprised at all that i was becoming an artist and designer because she saw that potential all those years ago" WOW when i did not understand my heart....when i went to college my heart was pulled to art but i just had no one to help me understand that and i only listened off and on over the years. so 33 years later i am listening full strength!

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