Monday, July 9, 2012

sneak peaks of new leather cuffs and art print going in my etsy shop 
stop by and leave a comment share with your friends and facebook and then leave another comment to be entered for a giveaway August 1st. 
just wanted to say thanks to all my customers, thanks to the people fighting to keep our country free and thanks to my family for encouraging me.........with a coupon code 15% off in my etsy store...... coupon code is THANKS2012


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    1. Your Etsy shop looks great, good luck. I really like your stamps, can't wait to see how you use them.

    2. Hi Dolores,
      thanks for stopping buy there are some samples under the stamp studio tab here

  2. These just make the most darling one of a kind gifts and I am so lucky to now own a couple to give to some special people in my life xx Thank you Jeanie for the beautiful service